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The keys to success are market knowledge, accurate orientation and correct action process, and Bon-Wine will assist your company to open the door to success in Chinese wine markets.
Bon-wine Culture Consulting Co., Ltd

Wine consumption in China increases rapidly under the buoyant economy. Huge potential development margin for wine consumption brings about countless opportunities for national and international enterprises. More and more international wine companies promote their wine products in Chinese market where intercultural communication gets more frequently. Cultural differences reflected in diet and drinks are to be integrated. Consulting services are needed in wine industry for both wine consumers/buyers and wine producers/traders.

Bon-wine Culture Consulting Co., Ltd is a professional consulting firm dedicated to promote and popularize wine culture in China, and to assist foreign wineries to tap into Chinese market. Possessing information and resources of China wines, the firm is the organizer of the China Consortium of Wine Judges. Bon-Wine has a team of professional wine marketiers and consultants, who have rich marketing experiences and extensive informative and social networks and skills, which makes it unique and powerful among all other rivals in consulting industry.

What does the consultancy provide? We provide Directory of Chinese Wine Agents, Chinese Imported Wine Marketting Report and Guide for Wine Promotion, Market Orientation for Consumer’sTaste of Wine, and more other services that serve you to tap into the tough China market.

Furthermore, we help to do the preliminary preparations and solve problems occurred during course for foreign wineries' access to China markets,

We are proud to say our consultancy has earned much credit for quality of these services. More and more foreign wineries use our services confidently and give positive feedbacks.

We are always here to help your and your wine products to explore a birght future in China.

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