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Wine Tasting    Pay online

Our "Wine Tasting" service makes a good judgment for the foreign wines base on the market orientation to analysis their competitive and selling point. We organize Chinese wine experts, representative of imported wine agents, wine lovers and wine customers to taste foreign wine samples consigned to Bon-wine. A tasting report is made and sent to foreign wineries by E-mail, analysis of quality/price ratio, selling point and market competitive included.

1. Contact Bon-wine.The wine tasting fee is Euro 100 for a wine.
2. Product information provided by the clients: (electron document)
Company name:                   Product variety:
Product name:                      Vintage:
Wine Region:                       Grape variety:
Grade:                                 Sugar:
Alcohol:                               Annual Output of Every Wine:
FOB:                                   Product description:
Brewing description:

(If you have a website, please attach it)
3.Please order “Door to Door” delivery service when sending samples (Two bottles for one product) to the Bon-wine, and pay for the tariff and postage.
4. Bon-wine set a meeting of wine judges to taste on its package, sight, smell, taste, wine body, aftertaste and impurity and then summarize into a wine tasting report.
5. Comparing to similar wine products in China markets, Bon-wine experts give comments on the quality/price ratio, selling points, and market competitive, as well as suggestion on choosing corresponding chinese wine agents.
6. Wine tasting report is send to clients via email.

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If you are interested in our service, please take down your relevant information and concrete requirements, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks for your cooperation!
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