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Business information release
China Wines Information Website( a very reputable and authoritative wensite for China wine industry. The column of "Imported Wine Business Matchmaking Center" ( not only as a platform for foreign wineries to find Chinese business partner but also an important channel for Chinese wine agents to seek for foreign partners, because “supply information and products'”section provide lots of valued information for both sides. Detailed Infos such as wine history of producing region, production size, product's characteristic, packages, parameter, taste description, received awards, etc. are clearly described.

Requirements of business matchmaking, requirements of cooperation, contact information and website address are also easily found on the web.

Standards of releasing business procurement information:

1. Content:
(1) Introduction of wineries: including wine production regions, wineries' histories, production size, product's characteristic, requirements of recruiting business, requirements of cooperation, contact information and website address. These are limited by 4,500 Chinese characters or 1500 English characters and 10 pictures.

(2) Introduction of wines: including product variety, product name, vintage, production region, grade, volume, package (bottle/box), sugar, alcohol, annual production, FOB price, product's description and awards. The introduction of each item is limited by 600 Chinese characters or 200 English characters and 2 pictures.

2. Charge standards

Chinese information: RMB 1000 /6 months or Euro 100 /6 months

English information needs translation fees: The rate is Euro 50 or RMB 500 per 1,000 English characters. These fees must be paid before the information released.

3. Information demand: Chinese or English electronic documents, and the format of picture is JPG or GIF

4. The procedure of charge balancing and embodying

The clients who want to release the business information in China Wines Information Website should contact with us according to the contact information and provide the related information as above. And then both sides will sign a contract of "Business matchmaking releasing". We will release your information after we received the payment from you in five working days.


1. We will release the information of the wineries that have accepted our service of "Business Matchmaking" in "Imported Wine Business Matchmaking Center" for free.

2. If the clients that have accepted the service of "releasing information" in this center want to release their wineries' information and products' information in the Chinese page of "Wine Production Region", they will not need to pay the fees for translation.

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If you are interested in our service, please take down your relevant information and concrete requirements, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks for your cooperation!
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