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Business information release
Releasing information of wineries and products on

"Wine Expo" is a column that introduces wine knowledge to clients on which its Chinese version has rich information and gets very high website-hitting-rate. This column includes introduction to wine producing regions. Beside, ithere are many passages about "Regional wineries", "Find Wine" and "Travel Notes of the Wine Hometowns written by wellknown wine writers. This column is one of the hottest columns among all the other semilar web columns. Information of this column can be easily found in Google and Baidu. Many Chinese wine lovers, customers and wine agents use this column as a gateway to seek for international wineries.

We post information for wineries in "Wine Expo" column for one-off charge. It is an efficient approach for foreign wineries, saving much money and time; to get Chinese got familiar with their products before they acturally conduct more advertising movement in China.


(1) Introduction of winery (limited for 1000 English characters or 3000 Chinese characters and 10 pictures), and a link to the winery's website.

(2) Fine wine product (Limited for 300 Chinese characters or 100 English characters for each wine and 2 pictures), and a link to the winery's website.

2. Charge standards:
Chinese information: for each winery that provides us with information in English, we charge Euro 50 or RMB 500 for posting permanent introduction information. For information of each single wine product, winery need to pay respectively. (same winery or wine producing region is not relevant to the price)
English information: English information needs to charged for translation. The price is Euro 50 or RMB 500 per 1000 characters.

3. Information format: Electronic documents and the format is jpg. or gif

4. Information update: free undate for three years (limited for updating three times, unlimited for quantities of the pages). After that, 3 Euro or RMB 30 for each page.

5. Procedures
1) please contact us,
2) provide information about your company and products,
3) sign a contract,
4) We post the information in five working days after receiving your payment.

1. We will post information of wineries who use our service of "Business Matchmaking" in "Imported Wine Business Matchmaking Center" for free.
2. clients who have ordered service of "releasing information" can post info of “ information and products” in the Chinese colume “Wine production Region” for free.

Bon-Wine Culture Consulting Co. Ltd.
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Fax. 00 86 771 2631100

If you are interested in our service, please take down your relevant information and concrete requirements, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks for your cooperation!
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